About ABC CPAs


ABC CPAs is a Professional team comprised of a group of highly trained, educated, and qualified associates who are secure in working in such a demanding field.

Established in 1993 by Byung Chan Ahn, CPA, ABC CPAs has become a leading Professional Company of Certified Public Accountants within Korean-American Community. ABC CPAs is consistently searching for effective methods to accelerate the capacity to better serve clients and the community during these changing economic times without compromising the quality of service that has been offered throughout the company’s history. Because ABC CPAs is committed to recognize individual needs of clients from diverse backgrounds, the morale and ethic behind this firm has allowed for the company’s continued success..

ABC CPAs is a Professional team dedicated to offer excellence and expertise for all accounting and taxation needs.

Since first established in 1993, ABC CPAs has been offering a variety of tax and audit related services to the general public including, Merger and Acquisition, assist growing entities with the intent to establish a public status, as well as in-depth professional consulting for a variety of industrial and corporate entities. In recent years, ABC CPAs has instituted a series of changes that has resulted in solid growth, overcoming the obstacles associated with the increasing changes of the business climate.

ABC CPAs is recognized as a team of experienced and qualified individuals who represent clients ranging from small personal accounts to major corporate entities.

Having a strong grasp on auditing procedures and highly knowledgeable in the practices of the Internal Revenue Service as well as other Tax authorities, ABC CPAs exists to safeguard clients from Government agencies.

As audits become increasingly complex and the environment surrounding audits become more regulatory, such factors make audits more costly. However, ABC CPAs has always been mindful to maintain an effective process while keeping with a cost effective approach.

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With tremendous experience with audits involving Federal agencies (Internal Revenue Service), State agencies; Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department, and Labor Commission, ABC CPAs is able to provide optimized and quality audits to ensure unsurpassed accuracy, avoiding any possible problems occurring to the taxpayer, offering remarkable results and representation.

ABC CPAs is able to accommodate services for clientele all throughout the United States of America.

Currently, ABC CPAs works with numerous clients ranging from large corporate entities to individual clients across North America including, Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Philadelphia, Texas, Utah, and parts of Canada.

ABC CPAs is experienced and aware of the need to provide International Business Tax consultations to branches of business that may be based overseas and vice-versa.

ABC CPAs offers a wide knowledge and expert retention services pertaining to assets, accounting, and taxation to those working closely with International Business Tax Laws who may have branches of business in the United States based in foreign countries and vice versa. As such, services also include associations with the E-2 Visa and Investment Immigration as well as informing of international guidelines from all over the world.

ABC CPAs is one of the industry leaders in accountancy and taxation publications and periodicals, offering a series of valuable resources to the public.

  • Have A Confidence In Tax Audit – 2013
  • The Tax Saving Secrets of the Rich – 2006 Best Seller List
  • QuickBooks Pro – Lecture Video Production (VHS)
  • QuickBooks Pro – Lecture DVD Production (DVD)
  • QuickBooks Pro – Special Edition Guide (Korean, Print)

ABC CPAs is recognized as a leader in the field of accountancy, offering a variety of services to current and prospective clients as well as the community.

Through media such as column printings in the Korea Times, and broadcasting radio columns on Radio Korea (AM 1540 khz), Byung Chan Ahn, CPA supported by ABC CPAs continues to provide expert information to Korean American Community from years of first-hand experience in this field. Additionally, since 1997, ABC CPAs has invited guests from Federal, State, and local government agencies to answer frequently asked questions and explanations of updated tax related news offered by means of live public radio broadcasts. In order to continue meeting the needs and demands of growing Korean-American population, Byung Chan Ahn, CPA also opens seminars throughout the year on varying topics, open to the public.

ABC CPAs is acknowledged in keeping with current times by powering an online website, www.abccpas.com, dedicated to offer current and prospective clients along with the community with innumerable amounts of information.

Launched in the year 2000, abccpas.com is currently one of the most frequented accounting websites amongst the Korean-American population. Through this website, users are able to obtain vital information relating to personal taxes, business and corporate entities, as well as gain information for various employment, networking, and educational opportunities. ABC CPAs recognizes the need for an effective site that will cater to the needs of this and future generations and is proud to offer online services through, www.abccpas.com.

ABC CPAs is with constant changes in current times and new policies that continue to surface.

ABC CPAs is making every effort to keep current and prospective clients, along with the community, informed by communicating important issues and upcoming events that may apply to readers.

ABC CPAs is the Premiere CPA Firm, recognized for its commitment to integrity and dedication to offering accurate service.

ABC CPAs is committed to offering its clients the best possible service, fulfilling one’s tax related needs. With a reputable history in serving clients from a wide spectrum of fields, ABC CPAs takes a comprehensive approach to each individual file with experience, effective strategies, and systematic procedures to ensure the highest level of accuracy and service.

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